Monday, November 15, 2010

Wrap up of The Gardener for The Home Channel

On Friday the 13th episode of The Gardener TV show on The Home Channel was filmed – the last in the series for this season. Amongst the flurry of activity, pots were filled with gorgeous looking plants, pavers were swept and walls cleaned for the big reveal of the patio makeover that will feature in this series. Each episode features a project that is then collectively part of the patio. After the Dorado was cooked on the new fire pit and the salads made, the sparkling wine was uncorked for the party we needed after all the hard work from the DIY team, the cameramen, our lovely producer Juliet and our hard working editor and presenter of The Gardener, Tanya. This is going to be a smashing series with inspiration from gardens around the country and easy DIY projects we all can do. For those needing to programme their PVRs the show starts on the 16 November and is repeated everyday of the week. Times are:

Tuesday 21hoo; Wednesday 09h00; Thursday 13hoo; Friday 17hoo; Saturday 12hoo, 20h00; Sunday 15h00, 22h00

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